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The Nine Weird Habits of Writers

Okay so..uhm…Yeah ! Basically I accidentally ran into this video by Jenna Moreci while looking for something entirely different. (I guess  it has to be some kind of sign or something..)

I may not be an author, but someone – and I underline that – told me that in a way, I am a writer. Anyhow, this isn’t about me. It is about the weird habits that writers have – or tend to have. I honestly have to admit that I can find myself in some of them. Should I put them here for everyone to see ? Okay.

  • I hate when friends ask me to go out. I mean, I have a writing “appointment” and I won’t reschedule that for anything in the world. You, guys can wait. My writing can’t. Sorry, but not so sorry !

  • Coffee. I love my coffee ! But I might have to rethink this because my other helping beverages are : chocolate and wine ( especially the red one). They really set off my writing mood and make me write more than coffee does.

  •  Starvation.I tend to forget to eat. Or maybe not. Thing is, I get sucked into whatever I am writing and….yeah, I skip meals. Bad thing though.

  • People who don’t get your passion towards writing. They can be pretty annoying at times as they keep on interrupting your – even though you hide yourself God knows where – creative state. I hate when that happens.

  •  Bringing your laptop everywhere you go. Yep. I do get that urge sometimes. Because sometimes you just don’t get that social vibe and you just wanna get away from all those people and do whatever floats your boat – read, write pet the owners dog or cat etc. I always carry a book in my purse in case of emergency ! :))



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OMG !!! This Daddy is Super-Awesome

He definitely deserves an award. Now the problem is…What kind of award :

  • The Coolest Daddy Ever
  • The Sexiest Daddy Ever or
  • Daddy Of the Year ?!

Can’t pick, so I’ll go with all three of them.

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