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#WW Bucharest Days = Colorful Bucharest

              Photo Credit : Dan Mihai Balanescu

Live Music. Laser Projections. Fun. Celebration. Awards And A Very Bright and Awesome Bucharest. One I wish to see more often, not only on special occasions like the Bucharest Days. Not complaining, but we could really use some atmosphere in a rather grey city.

Last weekend, Bucharest has been extremely colorful due to The Bucharest Days, which has taken place in several locations around the city  – Constitution Square, Old Town, Cișmigiu and Herastrau Parks, Băneasa Railway Station and George Enescu Square. What can I say ? It was SIMPLY AWESOME. Too bad I couldn’t go because that was my weekend to work, but at least I got the chance to see a small part of it while waiting for my ride home. Maybe next year I’ll attend the event for real. In the following minutes you’ll get a closer look at what the Bucharest Days really mean, so buckle up.

Bucharest Days 2015

Between 18 and 20 September, The City Hall honors those who change things in good : 36 of the personalities and the most important projects in music, theater, ecology, tourism, sport and journalism were nominated by BucureştiTu Gala – Awards Bucharest. The winners were chosen by public vote and Bucharest residents could vote on the project site the one they loved.

iMapp Bucharest. 

Bucharest City Hall, through Creart, organized Saturday, September 19, 2015, in Constitution Square, the 2015 iMapp Bucharest. The creative concept of the contest is given primordial elements – earth, air, water, fire. The facade of the building will be customized and reinterpreted by a 3D shape and color complex image, that animates building area of 20,000 square meters.  Read the rest of this entry


Top 5 Most Beautiful Romanian Libraries

Libraries have always been a fascinating space, historical places where reading becomes a ritual, in which time is suspended, and where it feels like the lives of other times are pulsating through. With each library that had disappeared, the whole world  it carried, disappeared along with it.

We live in an age where going to the library seems somewhat obsolete, in an age where time no longer has patience, and the books from an entire library can fit in a virtual memory you take with you anywhere. And yet, in Romania there are some fabulous libraries, where the reading taste is quite different, be it about modern spaces or the historic building.

In the following moments I will present to you the most beautiful Romanian libraries.   Read the rest of this entry

Top 7 Haunted Places in Bucharest

A city without ghosts is not entirely a city !

If you love the paranormal stuff and if you are in for an adventure then this is for you. Just like any other country in the world, Romania’s capital, Bucharest has its own fair share of myths and lengends about haunted buildings. I’ve heard them all but I never had the time to explore them. Here’s a list of the most known to be haunted buildings in and around Bucharest. Note that these aren’t the single ones,there are far more places that have a haunted legend behind them.

1. Palace of the Parliament

The building has a surface of 330,000 hectares, following after World Records Academy, at the “buildings”, 2nd place in the world after the Pentagon, and in terms of volume, with 2,550,000 m³ of his , 3rd in the world after the missile assembly building space from Cape Canaveral in Florida after the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. For comparison it can be mentioned that the building exceeds 2% volume Cheops pyramid in Egypt, and therefore some sources characterized it as a “pharaonic”  building. The guards say that they hear noises there,though no one is inside.  Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Places to visit while in Bucharest

Bucharest , the capital city of Romania is home to almost two million inhabitants and is a European tourism attraction for another million visitors every year. During the inter-war period, Bucharest was called “small Paris” due to the fact that it had the same Parisian charm but on a smaller scale. Today, Bucharest is a great city break idea for those who wish to taste a bit of Romanian culture and enjoy a great time. What exactly is it that you can do in Bucharest ? Well, here is what I think you can try while in Bucharest.

Read the rest of this entry

New Magical Bookstore Just Opened In Bucharest,Romania


“I walk along the avenue
Where everything I thought I knew
Has left me without a clue.”

If you ever come visiting Bucharest make sure to check out this new beautiful – oh,who am I kidding here- it’s probably one of the most gorgeous and impressive bookstores in the city and it opened its doors just yesterday.

I am so not joking when I say that it makes you wish you were here ! It really does have that kind of effect ! It’s quite a magical place which makes you feel like “Alice in Wonderland” and it’s worth visiting,trust me.I’m still at a loss for words to describe this beauty as you can see. So..Come.Visit us and our new marvelous bookstore right in the very heart of the city.You will not regret doing it,more so you’ll have something to brag about when you go back home. Read the rest of this entry

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