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Author Interview with B.J. Sheldon, Author of Dusty Chronicles and Hear The Crickets

1. Tell us a little about yourself. How and when did you get started as a writer ?

I am BJ Sheldon, and I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a writer. At the moment, I write mostly young adult paranormal romance, but I’m hoping to branch out in the coming years and write some contemporary fiction, as well. I’m a nerd and love both Star Trek and Star Wars, those Winchester boys, BBC’s Sherlock, basically anything British, and a lot more than we have time to cover here today. I’m obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, am learning to meditate, and one day hope to change the world through my #BeCeaseless movement. I became a writer in 2009 after I was let go from a job I hated, so it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. I no longer had a job, but the anxiety of going to a place that caused undue stress was a huge relief. But after a few months of unsuccessfully finding a new job, I began to look for ways to bide my time. So, one day I grabbed an old laptop and began writing a story. I didn’t know what the story would become and didn’t even know how it would end. It took about 4 months to write, and I remember sitting back afterward and thinking how good it had felt to get those words typed out. It was an awful book, and one that will never be published, but it allowed me to loosen those cobwebs in my creative brain and find purpose in something I thought I’d lost. I began reading at age 4 and wrote my first book in the 4th grade. I wrote a few short stories in middle school, and even managed some poems throughout high school. So, writing had always been a passion, and I was grateful to rediscover it.

2. What or who inspired you to become a writer ?

I was inspired to become a writer by just about anyone who had ever written and published a book before me. When I was seven years old, I began taking piano lessons. After my lessons, my ma would drop me off at the town library…alone…so she could go grocery shopping without me tagging along. (It was a different time in a small town…so it wasn’t so unusual back then.) At first, I stayed in the children’s section, always checking out the maximum number of books, but within a few months the librarian realized I was checking out books far below my reading level. She grabbed me and walked me over to the young adult chapter books and said I was no longer allowed to check out children’s books, and the rest was history. From that moment on, I began reading three to four chapter books a week, and I remember thinking how amazing all those authors must have been. They had the ability to come up with stories, create worlds, make me laugh and cry, and made a living doing it. So, when I found myself unemployed, I challenged my creativity to see if I could do it, too. After writing that first book, I was so inspired that I wrote another one. I almost stopped after that, but when that second book (unpublished) won a literary award, it motivated me to keep pushing ahead and to follow my dreams .

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A year and a half ago,  I was just starting this book blog and to my surprise – don’t ask me how cause I don’t even remember how it happened, but it did – I or she found me and asked me if I wanted to read and review one of her books. I didn’t hesitate. I said YES from the start. I had no idea that from reviews and small comments on each others blog posts we’d start a beautiful friendship.Life is sooo unpredictable ! 🙂

I’ve been meaning for quite a while to get a chance and interview this new and amazing YA author ! Seems that  wishes do come true sometimes, since she found an open window in her full schedule for me ! Thank you so much my dear !

If you feel or want to know more about her, there is an article I’ve written about our beloved authors – in which she makes the Top 5 – on what they used to do before becoming Bestselling And Worldwide known Authors. Check it out HERE and find out what Shannon used to do before becoming a full time writer !



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#EXCLUSIVE Interview with Lisa Renee Jones

Before we kick off with the interview, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !! And last but not least to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone that’s been with me on this journey from the beginning !! ❤

Firstly I would like to say a few things about the one and only NYT Bestselling author and one of my top favorite New Adult authors out there – Lisa Renee Jones.
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