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Silent words and hidden meanings

Between the covers of a book
Within its white printed pages
There it lays sweet and beautiful,
All sparkles and magic just waiting for you

A very heartwarming and lovely story.
A story that goes
Way beyond its written words.
Farther than where its meaning leads you.
Even farther than where you’re traveling to.

It has a hidden meaning
Something that’s meant for you to find
The words seem silent but they’re not.
Look beyond them and you’ll find
That special something which lays within.

by : Cristina
Date written : 30/03/2015


The Night’s Poem

Now that the big and shiny sun has set,
The light blue shade it was
It’s turning only darker now.
The lights all gloom to life now
To shine their orange light
On the dark and narrow streets at night.

The twinkling stars shine out one by one
And it’s only a matter of moments,
Until the Lady of the nights
Will come and shine up in the sky
Ruling it and the hours’ night.

by : Cristina
Date written : 09/03/2015

Dear,Father !

Oh,dear Father !
What has become of the world that You’ve created with so much love ?!
I see people have long lost the real meaning of everything…..
They don’t know what love,life, unity,respect for one another is anymore.
Money have become these days more important than anything…
I try so hard not to look them straight in the eye anymore just becasue,
The only things I see in them is pain, sorrow, the fear of what tomorrow may bring,
Sadness and lots of regret.

Father !
I wish there was something I could do to put an end to all this pain
I know You have made me strong but….
All this hurt and hatered in the world You once created is killing me
It’s tearing me up inside so much that
I’ve come to realize that my soul is slowly dying inside of me piece by piece
With every second, minute, day and year that goes by !

Father !
Tell me that my precious little angel wings are there ready and silently
Waiting for me, and Father !
Tell all my all my loved ones that are up there standing by your side
That I hadn’t forgot them not even for a single second,
Tell them that their memory is still alive
Deep down inside of me….
And also tell them that this little angel down here will do the very best
That she can ( so she can get her wings and fly up…) !
And also tell them how much I miss them all, how much I cannot wait
to see them again..
To thank them personaly again for they have never left me alone
In this great big world.

 by: Cristina

Date written : 24/12/2014

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