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Sneak Peak on my newest project

The title is still in the working soo I should find one that fits real soon. For more updates on this new project, make sure to follow me on Wattpad.

I am thanking you all in advance for taking the time to read this small snippet from my work and I hope you’ll enjoy it ! 🙂

Happy Holidays to everyone !

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The Dark Carnival


Once upon a Halloween night, when all the spirits roam free the night streets, people wearing scary costumes go trick or treating, wind softly blowing autumn colored leaves causing them to fall in what feels like leaf snowing , there was a Carnival, unlike any other.

Clowns, acrobats, flame eaters, magic tricks, accordion players at every corner, singing monkeys, games for all ages and booths that each have something different to say and show, give the Carnival an eerie feel.

Children running happy asking their parents for candy and animal balloons, and teenagers choosing spooky houses with labyrinths and mirrors, some even going for card readings, curious to know what future held for them. The smell of caramelized apples and cotton candy wafted through the air.

Lots of illuminated pumpkins diverse forms and shapes were lined up on each side of the alley. Trees all around made it all seem a living fairy tale. It was magical. Perfect even.

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Breaking Free – Work In Progress





I take a deep breath and exhale the air ever so slowly as if it’s my last breath. Today’s the big day, and my heart is slamming against my ribs .My palms are sweating heavy and my head spins. I never done anything like this in my life and I’m nervous as hell .They say there’s a first time for anything.

You’ve never really lived until you haven’t done something that sets your soul free and makes you feel alive for the first time. And it’s exactly what Im about to do.

 This is my time. My life. My call. And my decision. I don’t care what anyone else says. I got the right to choose. Damned if I’ll let anyone get in my way to freedom. I already am like a bird that’s about to break loose from its cage and fly away.

My phone buzzes with an incoming message and snaps me out of my thoughts, which now are more like an entangled mass of metal wire. Throwing a quick glance over the suitcase ,I see it’s from Megan. My best friend and the person who’s been supporting my every choice and carefully watched from within the shadows my every step. She’s seen me at my lowest, and never, not even one single moment doubted me.

“You’re not only my very best friend, Becsie. You are my whole world, the sister I’ve always wanted but never had. I want you to remember that every time you’re alone.” That’s what she’s always told me. God, I’ll miss her so damn much, that thinking about it makes me get second thoughts about leaving.

No, Becca. This is your only fucking chance to write the story you want. Who knows, maybe even have that happy ending you deserve so much.
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Charlie – A Cat’s Chance To A New Life

Part 1

Running for my life

My name is Charlie. My mommy has left me. The family that owned us, disposed of me. No idea why. I did nothing wrong. Guess they got bored, which I don’t find fair. But nothing about life is…

She always told me that we’ve nine lives. That all of us get a happy ending to our story. She’d never lie, that much I know.

About to find out if it is true.

For days and days, I’ve been wandering the streets. Never knowing where I’d end up, what will come of me. Hide under cars or God knows what other places. Fear I’ll get squashed under the wheels of one of them. No one ever stopped to pet me or feed me. They’d only walk right past, a disgusted air on their faces. With a deep sigh, I start walking again, ignoring the stares I get. I am a cat not a thief. Humans can be cruel sometimes. I’ve seen it happen to my friends.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Out of nowhere, something big and furry – a dog – appeared, making me take a few steps back.

“This is my territory, you little fur ball. Ought get out of here fast or else  I’ll have you for dinner”, he said to me, a wicked sparkle in his big eyes. His red tongue hanging out of his mouth in an attempt to scare me. Read the rest of this entry

A Day In Debra Anastasia’s Life

As I was sitting at my desk in my home office, reviewing the last draft I’ve written last night, the front door creaked open and my daughter walked in. She is a really beautiful thirteen year old, who learns really damn good and listens to her crazy-ass–porn-writer mom. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really mine at all. I mean she’s quite quiet for her age – I remember when I was her age, how I was running around the house doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Besides being her mother, I am also her role model and I want to make sure she is comfortable talking to me about anything without me being judgemental. And she knows this all to well – because I make sure to tell her every time.

She leaves her backpack in the living room, on the silky brown couch and bursts into my office with wide eyes.
“Hey. How was school ?” I ask her, and with a little hesitation, I add. “Is everything,okay ?”. She nods and sits on the chair in front of my desk. I still am not sure, if everything is really okay, so I stare into her eyes, trying to make out something. See if she’s being truthful or not. Guess, what ! She’s not lying. In fact, I do not even remember this kid to ever lie to me, or her father. Read the rest of this entry

Silent words and hidden meanings

Between the covers of a book
Within its white printed pages
There it lays sweet and beautiful,
All sparkles and magic just waiting for you

A very heartwarming and lovely story.
A story that goes
Way beyond its written words.
Farther than where its meaning leads you.
Even farther than where you’re traveling to.

It has a hidden meaning
Something that’s meant for you to find
The words seem silent but they’re not.
Look beyond them and you’ll find
That special something which lays within.

by : Cristina
Date written : 30/03/2015

The Night’s Poem

Now that the big and shiny sun has set,
The light blue shade it was
It’s turning only darker now.
The lights all gloom to life now
To shine their orange light
On the dark and narrow streets at night.

The twinkling stars shine out one by one
And it’s only a matter of moments,
Until the Lady of the nights
Will come and shine up in the sky
Ruling it and the hours’ night.

by : Cristina
Date written : 09/03/2015

Dear,Father !

Oh,dear Father !
What has become of the world that You’ve created with so much love ?!
I see people have long lost the real meaning of everything…..
They don’t know what love,life, unity,respect for one another is anymore.
Money have become these days more important than anything…
I try so hard not to look them straight in the eye anymore just becasue,
The only things I see in them is pain, sorrow, the fear of what tomorrow may bring,
Sadness and lots of regret.

Father !
I wish there was something I could do to put an end to all this pain
I know You have made me strong but….
All this hurt and hatered in the world You once created is killing me
It’s tearing me up inside so much that
I’ve come to realize that my soul is slowly dying inside of me piece by piece
With every second, minute, day and year that goes by !

Father !
Tell me that my precious little angel wings are there ready and silently
Waiting for me, and Father !
Tell all my all my loved ones that are up there standing by your side
That I hadn’t forgot them not even for a single second,
Tell them that their memory is still alive
Deep down inside of me….
And also tell them that this little angel down here will do the very best
That she can ( so she can get her wings and fly up…) !
And also tell them how much I miss them all, how much I cannot wait
to see them again..
To thank them personaly again for they have never left me alone
In this great big world.

 by: Cristina

Date written : 24/12/2014

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