COVER REVEAL.EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY : Unexplained (Higher Elevation Series ) by Renee Regent


Title: Unexplained
Series: Higher Elevation Series
Author: Renee Regent
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2016

When it comes to love, some things just can’t be explained….
A skeptical reporter who witnesses the unbelievable…
It’s the late 1970’s, and tenacious journalism student Sarah McKenn doesn’t believe the rumors of strange happenings in her small college town of Fort Winston, Colorado. But a supernatural event she experiences while chasing down a story for her school’s newspaper leaves her questioning everything. In her quest for understanding, she meets and falls for Chris, the only man she believes can help her unravel the truth.

A psychology student determined to prove his psychic talents are real…
Christian Levine is on the cusp of a bright future as a research psychologist when he agrees to participate in a secret experiment at the request of his mentor. Though it’s the perfect opportunity to prove his psychic abilities, the project turns deadly when Chris discovers the real motivation of the man in control of it all. Chris is forced to choose between his own freedom or saving the lives of his mentor and Sarah─the woman he loves.

A bond that transcends all boundaries…
The chemistry between Sarah and Chris surprises them—a soul-filling passion and a deep psychic connection neither thought possible. Can they discover what their bond means before their lives are ripped apart?
When they reached the dorm, he walked her through the snow to the side entrance, his arm around her shoulder. Warmth from his body contrasted with the chilly air, and she snuggled in closer. He stopped when they reached the door, but moved them into the shadows, away from the glare of the building’s light.
Snowflakes cascaded around them, floating to the ground like tiny parachutes. He pulled her close and she melted into his embrace, warm breath reaching her cheek. His lips found hers, gentle at first, then firmer as the kiss went on. When he stilled, then pulled back, she looked up at him. In the shadows his eyes were indigo-dark, and questioning. He was looking for her approval. She smiled, and leaned forward, hoping he’d take the bait. He did.
His moustache was surprisingly soft against her skin as he kissed her more passionately this time. She felt the flick of his tongue on her lips, testing. She opened and let him in, enjoying the faint taste of coffee. She pressed forward, mimicking his movements, exploring his mouth. When they broke away, steam from their breath rose in plumes around them.
“I guess you better go in before you freeze.”
She laughed, from exhilaration, and nervousness. “No chance of that, with you around.” 
He laughed too, a throaty sound she liked to hear. 
“Sarah, I’d like to see you again, okay? We can go to a movie, or I could make you dinner at my place.”
“I’d like that. I mean, to see you. I don’t care what we do.” 
He opened the door to the stairwell for her. “Great. I make a mean sausage and pepper dish, with whatever type of pasta you like. How about Friday night?”
She agreed, and he kissed her again, a tender caress that made her knees threaten to buckle. She watched from the stairwell as he left, then almost floated up the stairs. 
Through her euphoria, a sense of foreboding nagged at her. She had promised herself no attachments, no getting involved. But being with him felt too good to pass up. It was more than infatuation─a physical longing, an ache, overtook her at the thought of not seeing him again. Rational thought and logic had no chance against the powerful chemistry that emanated from Christian Levine. It was a chemistry that so far had proved to be stronger than her logical defenses.


A lifelong entrepreneur, Renee Regent spent most of her life writing for business. But she never lost her love of writing stories, especially romance, science fiction, and fantasy. She’s always been fascinated with the science of how the universe works, but equally entranced by the unexplained. Being an incurable romantic, she now writes stories about the power of love, with a supernatural twist. Her stories feature psychics, witches, ghosts and ordinary people who do extraordinary things.


Renee, a California native, lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats and four turtles. When not working or writing, she can be found sitting on her deck enjoying nature. Wine may or may not be involved….

A member of Georgia Romance Writers and the Georgia Writer’s Association, Renee also loves blogging and sharing her ideas on the business side of being an author, trends in fiction, and tips she has learned in her writing journey.


About Cristina

I started this blog for quite a few reasons: 1. To share my opinions about books I read. (I'm open to recommendations) 2. To express myself in the only way that I love,which is of course writing 3. To connect with people with whom I may share the same interests I read and write because it offers me an escape door from the world we live in. A door which allows me to be whomever I want to be, live wherever in this big world,set off on adventures and most of all because it brings my imagination back to life from its very very long sleep. And of course...Because I love to !! Here are some basic things about your host and writer.. My name is Cristina and I come from Bucharest ( also known as The Little Paris ) were I was born, raised and am currently - still - living. I’ve finished my studies a few years ago and got my bachelor degree at Dimitrie Cantemir University, in my hometown; in Economics. I have to admit that this specialty wasn't my first choice. I have been weighing my choices – as in, to what they can provide me in future – both while I was still in high school and after. Initially I wanted to go to Foreign Languages, but I had a big fall the moment I saw that it wasn't acredited – huge disappointment washed over me. I am still a bit disappointed about that to be honest. I have a huge passion for writing ever since I was little, and even if I had times when I didn't (or couldn't) write anything, now I am right back on track. My dad is the only one who knows how much passion I put into what I write and doesn't giggle or grin when I bring it up. I love having someone’s support no matter how little it is,it still means so much to me. Love, Cris ♥ Hope that those who will follow me like what I post around here and - why not - maybe give some ideas about new topics. :) If anyone wants to add something on the blog please contact me at

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