Book Review : Provocarea II ( Rephelimii #1) de Simona Stoica




Provocarea II by Simona Stoica

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

English Review

Why Simona ? Whyy ?

Even more secrets, even more action and suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Because that’s how Simona likes to treat her readers : with a lot of action, suspense and other edgy stuff.

In this part we witness a survival battle.
If in the beginning Desiree didn’t hate her sister to death – or at least if she did, she didn’t show it this much – , now she really does. After the appearance of new neighbors in town, with a strange behaving daughter, which in Des’s vision looks suspicious, and whom she can’t stand, things get even more tensed. When Des’s parents are invited to have dinner with the Russel family, the last ones send them out to search for Hope – the strange behaving daughter – who vanished from the house without being noticed. Outside, Desiree begins having cold feet and fear takes over her – they witness the murder of the Russel’s maid, in the backyard. This is the moment that triggers Desiree’s hate and rage over her sister,when she decides that it’s best to take off running and leave her sister alone with the killer and the dead body floating in the pool. After this incident, she confesses in front of their parents and the Russel family, that she’d better had let Harper kill her when he had the chance. Not even when they get, do they stop fighting. In a moment, when her sister is not paying attention, Sarah unravels the mirror and reveals a true monstrosity. One that will put Sarah in hospital and will haunt them down, until Desiree will kill it. But until that moment, there will lots of other heart stopping events will take place.

The passion and attraction between Desiree and Jack Harper grows bigger day by day, and gets hard to ignore or be put aside – at least for her, it does. All to a point. While she tries real hard to make Harper tell her the truth about who and what she really is, her every effort seems to be futile. Thinking it’s better to bring his sister along to keep an eye on Desiree, he decides to go, beyond the Veil.A decision he will later regret, even though she does everything she can to help him.

The friendship between Michael, Derek, Sarah and Desiree falters more and more with each passing day, and more secrets surface. At least Des does it – without knowing the real truth that stands behind all the attacks that happen – to protect the ones she cares about. She knows that she’s their target, but to get to her, the creatures have to get through her friends.

The ending is really EPIC !!!


Romanian Review

Mult prea socata ca sa pot scrie o recenzie asa cum se cuvine.
Doar o intrebare am : De ce Simona ? De ce ??? :(((


Si mai multe secrete decat in prima parte, si mai multa actiune si tensiune la maxiiiim.

Pentru ca asa-i place Simonei sa-si trateze cititorii: cu actiune multa, suspans si multe alte cele.

In aceasta a doua parte avem parte de o lupta de supravietuire.
Daca la inceput Desiree nu isi ura sora de moarte – sau cel putin nu lasa sa arate asta -, acuma in mod sigur o face. Dupa ce in oras apar vecini noi, a caror fata pare extrem de suspecta in viziunea lui Desiree, si pe care nu ii poate inghiti sub nicio forma, lucrurile devin si mai tensionate. Cand parintii lui Des sunt invitati sa ia cina alaturi de familia Russel, acestia le trimit pe fete in cautarea lui Hope – cea care avea sa devina si colega de clasa cu Desiree – aceasta disparand subit din casa. Afara Desiree incepe sa aibe o stare de neliniste, ce mai tarziu se va dovedi fondata, intrucat o crima are loc exact in piscinei din spatele casei familiei Russel. Acela este momentul in care Sarah ia cea mai proasta decizie din viata ei, alegand sa fuga si sa-si lase sora in urma, in voia sortii. Un act gen, fie ce-o fi, macar una dintre noi sa scape cu viata. Dupa acest incident, ura si dispretul pe care Desiree le tinea in frau, devin atat de greu de retinut incat intr-un acces de furie ii marturiseste acesteia ca ar fii trebuit sa-l pe Harper s-o omoare atunci cand a avut ocazia. O marturisire ce-i scapa fara sa vrea, si astfel se dau de gol de fata cu ambele familii cum ca au fost in Wolfmaner dar asta nu pare sa o deranjeze catusi de putin pe eroina noastra, ea fiind intru totul concentrata pe Sarah. Acuzand-o nu doar o singura data, ci in repetate randuri de egoism – si aici tin sa fiu de acord cu ea. Ce fel de sora esti, daca-ti lasi sora in voia sortii, preferand sa te salvezi pe tine, daca nu una extrem de egoista si nepasatoare ? In momentul cand ajung inapoi acasa, continua sa se certe, iar intr-un moment de neatentie a lui Desiree, Sarah dezveleste oglinda din camera, dezvaluind o adevarata monstruozitate. Una care se pare ca o va baga in spital pe Sarah si le va bantui pana ce Des o va pune la pamant. Dar pana acolo mai este inca, o cale destul de lunga si multe alte inatmplari ce-ti fac inima sa stea-n loc, vor avea loc.

Pasiunea si atractia dintre Jack si Desiree iau amploare astfel incat, devine din ce in mai greu – mai mult pentru ea decat pentru el – sa-si tina sentimentele in frau. Dar totul pana la un anumit punct. In acelasi timp, Desiree tot incearca din rasputeri sa-l faca pe Harper sa-i marturiseasca adevarul despre cine si ce este ea cu adevarat, dar fara niciun rezultat. Socotind ca ar fii bine sa o aduca si sora lui, pentru a o putea supraveghea mai bine pe Des, se intoarce dincolo de Voal. Mai tarziu va regreta aceasta decizie, din pacate. Cu toate ca, aceasta isi da toata silinta sa isi ajute fratele mai mare.

Relatia de prietenie dintre Michael, Derek, Sarah si Desiree se clatina din ce in ce mai mult, iar pe masura ce zilele trec, tot mai multe secrete ies la iveala. Se pare ce Desiree nu este singura care are secrete, dar cel putin ea inca incearca sa afle ce este cu adevarat si de ce este urmarita de tot mai multe creaturi – care din punctul meu de vedere sunt cam dezgustatoare, indiferent din ce punct le privesti. Doar in momentele critice va afla cine este prieten si cine dusman.

Finalul cartii este unul cat se poate de EPIC !!!!

Ar mai fi inca foarte multe de zis dar nu-mi place sa dau “din casa” asa ca nu ramane decat cititi cartea si sa aflati voi insiva ce si cum sta treaba.


About Cristina

I started this blog for quite a few reasons: 1. To share my opinions about books I read. (I'm open to recommendations) 2. To express myself in the only way that I love,which is of course writing 3. To connect with people with whom I may share the same interests I read and write because it offers me an escape door from the world we live in. A door which allows me to be whomever I want to be, live wherever in this big world,set off on adventures and most of all because it brings my imagination back to life from its very very long sleep. And of course...Because I love to !! Here are some basic things about your host and writer.. My name is Cristina and I come from Bucharest ( also known as The Little Paris ) were I was born, raised and am currently - still - living. I’ve finished my studies a few years ago and got my bachelor degree at Dimitrie Cantemir University, in my hometown; in Economics. I have to admit that this specialty wasn't my first choice. I have been weighing my choices – as in, to what they can provide me in future – both while I was still in high school and after. Initially I wanted to go to Foreign Languages, but I had a big fall the moment I saw that it wasn't acredited – huge disappointment washed over me. I am still a bit disappointed about that to be honest. I have a huge passion for writing ever since I was little, and even if I had times when I didn't (or couldn't) write anything, now I am right back on track. My dad is the only one who knows how much passion I put into what I write and doesn't giggle or grin when I bring it up. I love having someone’s support no matter how little it is,it still means so much to me. Love, Cris ♥ Hope that those who will follow me like what I post around here and - why not - maybe give some ideas about new topics. :) If anyone wants to add something on the blog please contact me at

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