Fire At Colectiv Nightclub In Bucharest Takes 31 Lives

Candles are lit in memeory of those who lost their lives in a nightclub fire in Bucharest

Friday, October the 30th , was one of the most tragic and dark ones.  Almost 400 people who attended  a rock concert, witnessed Hell on Earth at the party, when a fire started.

31 beautiful souls have died and 180 were injured, most of them being hospitalized. Almost half of those in hospitals are still fighting for their lives, but doctors say that in the following days the death toll could increase. I hope to God that none of them will die ! I wish for them to live. My thoughts and prayers are with them all, whether alive and struggling for survival or going through the hardest moments of their life. God rest all those beautiful angels in peace ! 

Incidents like these happened before and I won’t lie about it. Why deny ? What’s the point in doing so ? It is extremely outrageous that this happens. How many lives have to be taken for someone to actually do something ? Just…how many ? Another question that rises inside my head is : Where are the others ? I mean, doing a simple math calculation, gives away the fact that they are hiding something. The number of deaths is bigger than what they actually let us know. This is disrespectful in so many ways. SHAME ON THEM for not telling people the truth !! Yes , I am revolted cause of this, because it could have been someone close to me – a friend, a cousin, my brother – or even me, for God’s sake. I can’t say that I feel fortunate for I had no one there at that point…I simply can’t because I know how it feels to lose someone you care and love. I truly feel for all those who have lost someone dear in the fire.

I can’t and won’t deny the fact that I had my heart in my throat – literally – when I heard the news. I was home from work that late afternoon, preparing my posts for the next day when my friend put me onto speed with the news. I was completely stunned. Couldn’t believe it. I have friends who go to clubs and I’ve been worried about them. Not having heard from them a day really gets to you and makes you think of the worst. It pains me to see that people who had their lives ahead died so early because those who are in charge with our safety don’t give a damn about us. All they care about is themselves and how to make more money. Nothing more. It’s just sick the way money and power changes people. I want for them to put themselves – or at least try to – in the shoes of those parents who lost their babies forever because of their ignorance and money chase. Greedy bastards ! That’s all I can say about them and until they will actually pay attention to our needs, my opinion of them won’t change.

It’s not the first time I wish I lived in a country where laws are obeyed and those who run it care for their citizens ! I strongly believe that my generation can do something to change the way this country is being ruled if we all stand up and fight. We can take our country back ! We’re all so tired of promises that are thrown so easily just like dust in the wind. We Want Facts Not Words ! I admit that we have a lot to work on but if we all Stand Up, we’ll sure make a difference. We are strong enough to fight !

I for one, don’t want any more tragedies like this one to happen ! It is time to Stop them all, once and for all. I can’t even bring myself up to smile – that sincere smile, everyone knows – anymore. I have no idea when I’ll be able to post a sincere one. It’s hard to keep my eyes from flooding with tears. All I feel right now is rage, rage that no one seems to care…that no one does anything to end all this suffering, all this loss of lives. Yes, the outside help and compassion is overwhelming and I appreciate that, but unless it comes for real from those who run this country – and I’m sure it’ll never be, because they’re all just some worthless liars who only care for their own well-being -…..

There are no words to describe any of the many things I feel in my heart right now.

I want for those responsible for this awful tragedy to pay for it – if not with their lives at least for the rest of their worthless lives, because no amount of money can bring back those beautiful souls who died – and stop passing the blame from one to another, in the try of getting away with it and start assuming the responsibility for what they did. If they have a conscious or  at least a soul, they will understand the gravity of this and stand up and take the blame, if not….they’re just cheap and lame and worthless to be even called a human. If they want us, out in the streets they’ll have us there and we won’t give up until we get what we want. Until a change is made. We don’t want revenge, all we want is justice and to feel safe. I don’t think we ask for too much.


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  1. I’ve watched the coverage on the news in Ireland and it’s truly awful. My prayers are with the families who have lost a loved one and those who are conducting hospital vigils for the injured. We had a similar tragedy in Dublin on Valentine’s Day in 1981 when 48 lost their lives in the Stardust nightclub. My uncle was a teenager at the time and he used to frequent the club but he thankfully wasn’t in attendance that night. Similar skimping on safety – you are right, it is sickening. I hope the authorities in your country do something about it. Certainly the laws were changed in Ireland after our incident and things are vastly improved. Love to all XXX

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    • I sure hope so. We already programed protests throughout November and right on our National Day. It’s time for this to end ! Life is more important !
      Thank you for reading and sending your prayers towards those who are suffering. Love back ❤


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