Charlie – A Cat’s Chance To A New Life

Part 1

Running for my life

My name is Charlie. My mommy has left me. The family that owned us, disposed of me. No idea why. I did nothing wrong. Guess they got bored, which I don’t find fair. But nothing about life is…

She always told me that we’ve nine lives. That all of us get a happy ending to our story. She’d never lie, that much I know.

About to find out if it is true.

For days and days, I’ve been wandering the streets. Never knowing where I’d end up, what will come of me. Hide under cars or God knows what other places. Fear I’ll get squashed under the wheels of one of them. No one ever stopped to pet me or feed me. They’d only walk right past, a disgusted air on their faces. With a deep sigh, I start walking again, ignoring the stares I get. I am a cat not a thief. Humans can be cruel sometimes. I’ve seen it happen to my friends.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Out of nowhere, something big and furry – a dog – appeared, making me take a few steps back.

“This is my territory, you little fur ball. Ought get out of here fast or else  I’ll have you for dinner”, he said to me, a wicked sparkle in his big eyes. His red tongue hanging out of his mouth in an attempt to scare me.

“I may be little, but I am not afraid. Not anymore” I said, amazed by the fierce words that came out.

“Well, aren’t you a brave kitty. Small and with attitude. Listen here….”

I dare interrupt him because that’s what a cat does. Annoys dogs. Afterwards, getting chased by them.

“No. I won’t leave just cause you say so.” Posting myself in a battle position and adopting a fierce posture does nothing to help, though.

“You do realize I am bigger than you, don’t you,” he asks, stepping closer to me. Saliva falling from his hanging mouth. Suddenly coming to a halt a few inches from me. I can almost make out what he’s ate this morning. Blah.

“What’s wrong, dog. Scared you might choke on some cat hair.” Can’t believe the words I’m saying. Unbelievable. Had no idea I’d be this daring.

“Max, get over here you mutt”, someone calls from behind. Must be the owner of the big monster. Lucky monster has a family. Waves his tail and puts on a happy but guilty face.

“Next time, better not find you here”, says while devilishly licking his mouth.

I just stare blankly ahead, right through him.

“Understood”, adds seeing I don’t reply. I nod slightly, not having any intention of leaving this spot anytime soon.

Man I’m starving. Where to get food from….


The smell of barbecue floods my nostrils and takes me to a place where is just me and my new family. A clear blue sky above us. If only dreams could come true. Feeling silly about the fact that I’d get a chance for new and happy life, I shake my head repeatedly to chase it away.

Wasting next to no time, I adventure toward the place from where the aroma comes. I take the risk. Have nothing to lose.

To jump the huge wood fence and get into the yard seems easier said.

Okay. I’ve decided. I’m doing this.

Take a few steps back and launch myself in full speed on the fence. I stay up there a while and survey the area for any dog signs. Nothing in view. Everything is clear. Danger free. Almost laugh inside. A bitter laugh though.

My heart beats so fast.

I step slowly from the fence, keep walking until the odor of barbecue gets intense. That’s when I hear a fierce and grave growl.

Shoot. Another dog. Is this some kind of dog against cat convention day.  He’s already my third today. I know they don’t like us, but we gotta live somehow too.

“Hey kitten,” the big dog says in a grave voice. “You trespassed. Now I’ll make you my dinner. This is going to be fun.”

Oh no, he won’t. Then I start to run. I know I’ve said I got nothing left to lose, but I don’t wanna die either. A cute little kitty never dies. At least in fairy tales.

I  glance back. He’s on my tail. What I don’t notice is that another big one stands in front of me. Silent. No barking. No growling. Stares peaceful down at me. Should I run.  Should I hide.  Hide where.  Nothing in sight that can help. Only a fence, grass and flowers. An open target. That’s what I am.

“Pall. What are you doing,” the second dog asks the one chasing me.

“What does it look like,” Nero responds. “Chase a cat for trespassing. Why aren’t you doing the same. You, are a dog, aren’t you.” He retorts nervous.

“It is only a poor little cat looking for food. She’s not a threat for anyone.”

„Really. Which side are you playing on,today.”

I take advantage of the fact that they’re arguing about who’s a dog and who isn’t, I take off in a crazy sprint between Nero’s legs and keep it straight. At the end of the first house pillar, I hear voices. Good thing there’s people here. Of course. After all, it’s a barbecue. Maybe this family has kids and therefore I am saved from harm’s way.

Hope I make it in time…

Almost rounding the house and see a great garden full of roses, black-eyed Susans and other beauties. A pair of feet are approaching or where to go. Or what to do.

“Hey there,” the voice says.

I look up at it and try to meow. Nothing comes out of my mouth though. Hands are coming down at me and next thing I know, the human grabs me and pulls me into his arms. I’ve never known how it really feels like to be hold by someone. Until now.

Funny how I don’t try to escape the embrace. Others are getting near me and this person.

“Where’s that cat from,” one asks.

“It was running from the dogs.”

Forgot everything about the dogs for a minute now. Speak of devils. Where are they. Why do I even care. Alive and about to be rescued. Another chance to a better life. Other than the one on the streets.

” I’ll go give this cat to my sister. Be back in a bit.” He says to the others and starts for the exit.

“She’ll fall instantly for this one,” said the man near us.

Part 2

A New Beginning

“Hey, mom” the guy says entering the door to his home. “Brought you something.”

“What’s this time,” she asks.

“Found a cat. Cris will love it,” he retorts while petting me gently.

“Where,” Mom asks.

“Was in our neigbor’s yard,” the boy responds.

A sense of ease overcomes me and I don’t want to be anywhere else but here. Cannot wait to meet the sister, of whom they say she loves kitties like me.

A few hours pass and I am left with her mom. She gives me food and water. Couldn’t be more grateful. Feels like I am right where I needed to be.

The night comes slow and sleep gets a hold on me, and I fall asleep in the hallway. Door opens slow and a chilly air comes through it. I glance up to make out who came – a faded silhouette in blue jeans and a tee walks in the door.

“Careful where you step,” the woman says to her.

“Why. Is there something slippery here.” The girl in jeans retorts. Pulls out the cell and casts a faint light down to where I lay. A faint meow escapes my throat at the sight.

“Oh. My. God. We’ve got a new cat,” she squees. Happiness floods the room and illuminates it in a spectrum of rainbow colors.

“Yeah. Don’t get too excited about that.”

Had to ruin my happy bubble, all right. But tonight nothing kills it. The girl gets on one knee and hugs me tight. Never been happier.

“I shall call her Charlie,” she says.

Don’t stop petting me please, I promise to purr endlessly.

Love the name she gave me, it’s sweet and makes me somewhat  special. The way she holds me and stares at me says that she’ll keep me forever.

But there’s a little uncertainty I sense too and it scares me. Don’t want to get discarded again. Once was enough. My happy bubble cracked after this…

Two Months Later


Surprising or not, kept me and takes care of me like I am a baby – which I am. Had an urge to give me up for adoption a few times, but her heart didn’t allow it.

Now we’ve grown closer than before and my heart is at peace. What I love most is having photos of me taken. Found my forever home indeed and never will leave this place.


About Cristina

I started this blog for quite a few reasons: 1. To share my opinions about books I read. (I'm open to recommendations) 2. To express myself in the only way that I love,which is of course writing 3. To connect with people with whom I may share the same interests I read and write because it offers me an escape door from the world we live in. A door which allows me to be whomever I want to be, live wherever in this big world,set off on adventures and most of all because it brings my imagination back to life from its very very long sleep. And of course...Because I love to !! Here are some basic things about your host and writer.. My name is Cristina and I come from Bucharest ( also known as The Little Paris ) were I was born, raised and am currently - still - living. I’ve finished my studies a few years ago and got my bachelor degree at Dimitrie Cantemir University, in my hometown; in Economics. I have to admit that this specialty wasn't my first choice. I have been weighing my choices – as in, to what they can provide me in future – both while I was still in high school and after. Initially I wanted to go to Foreign Languages, but I had a big fall the moment I saw that it wasn't acredited – huge disappointment washed over me. I am still a bit disappointed about that to be honest. I have a huge passion for writing ever since I was little, and even if I had times when I didn't (or couldn't) write anything, now I am right back on track. My dad is the only one who knows how much passion I put into what I write and doesn't giggle or grin when I bring it up. I love having someone’s support no matter how little it is,it still means so much to me. Love, Cris ♥ Hope that those who will follow me like what I post around here and - why not - maybe give some ideas about new topics. :) If anyone wants to add something on the blog please contact me at

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  1. pberinstein

    I love this story, Cris! It’s amazing the way you get inside the cat’s head! Do you have any acting experience? The way you become the cat feels to me like an actor getting inside her character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy to hear that ! Nope. No acting classes or any other artistic experience whatsoever. I guess it all came to me easily since this is my own cat’s story. To be honest, I thought it needed/s some slight improvements here and there ! 🙂


      • pberinstein

        One thing I really like about it is that the cat doesn’t feel sorry for himself (herself?). The voice is strong. It’s not aggressive, and there are touches of fear and uncertainty, but this definitely is a together cat. You don’t see that too often.


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