Book Review : Destiny Rising ( True Calling #3) by Siobhan Davis

Destiny Rising (True Calling #3)Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First Off, I want to thank Siobhan Davis for sending me an ARC of this fabulous SCI-FI series.

Intense.Gripping.Heartbreaking And Overall Exceptional

I can’t even express in words just how much I LOVE THIS SERIES !! I am eternaly grateful for crossing paths with this new and amazingly talented writer.


I do not fall easily for dystopian or Sci-Fi genre, and I must solemnly admit that True Calling is among my Favorite ones. It captivated me from writing style to character development, from plot to twist, everything is captivating and the action and the intensity of the writing keeps you on edge. I don’t know if I’ve said this before – and even if I did, it’s worth repeating – but this series unlike anything I have read.

Destiny Rising is the 3rd and last instalment in the True Calling series. It is the epic conclusion of the most wonderful and intense YA Sci-Fi series I’ve ever read and it’s action packed, full of secrets and twists.


While back at the Saoirse facility, after the Gouverment’s attack that’s been strictly developed by the Novo gouverment and Callista Corr’s estranged husband, Chancellor Corr; the compound they are hiding at is desperately working on the development of security assigning a job for each cadet.
Things between our beloved characters Ariana and Cal, seem to tense up with each passing moment as they keep on arguing over who’s dad is telling the whole truth and which one is lying. A very deep, heartbraking and shocking secret is being revealed in this part and sets everyone on the edge. Deacon’s – Ari’s younger brother – father is not the one he knows, and Ariana is fighting with Cal over the fact that her dad does not want to tell him yet, because he’s too young to comprehend all that awaits to be revealed. Things tense up even more once Amber – Cal’s ex-girlfriend – makes her presence known in the Saoirse’s compound. Jealousy fills the air and tension builds up like a brick wall between Cal and Ari and this makes them drift apart even more. It feels like they don’t trust each other anymore.
As promised, they go on a rescue mission on Novo, to bring Zane back to Earth. A mission in which Ariana is not included, due to her pregnancy, but this doesn’t stop her from sneaking into the stealth craft – if she would only go unnoticed. After a brief argument with her dad that led to no result, agent Leena appears and convinces Commander Skyee to let Ariana on board. Their mission doesn’t go without loss of lives and one of the most important persons – Agent Leena – dies in a fire exchange. Ariana doesn’t get out unharmmed either, being shot in the arm. When they get back home, Ariana is being put in choosing position by Cal.
Who will she be choosing ? Cal or Zane ? No matter who she will choose, one of them will end up heartbroken.

She can’t come out on terms with Cal, because she is being sent away immediately to Greece – along with the flirtatious doctor Taylor, of course – by her dad.

Part 2 – Zane

After searching her out all over the compound, Zane, finally goes to her apartment. The two boys are starting to worry about Ariana’s sudden disappearance. Not wanting to have anything to do with Cal, Zane decides to go talk to Malcom about Ariana’s missing. It isn’t long until he’s being called to a meeting concerning his IT project and finally finds out why she left all of a sudden without even so much a goodbye. What he finds hard to comprehend is the reason why she is blocking him for this long. This is the moment when he also learns the true and shocking reason for the tension that’s build up between Cal and Ariana. Even with all he’s find out since his arrival at the compound, he still wants to be where the love of his life is.. He makes a deal with Malcom regarding the development of his IT project, a deal which implies that they bring his mom and brother safe and sound at the compound. Done and sealed. Malcom is a man of word, always respects his promises. Zane also asks his bestfriend to track down not only Micha to find out her whereabouts, but also to see if Isla is alive. Turns out Isla is more than just alive and well, she also part of the rebelion just outside the Clementia compound – well, what’s left of it , anyway. After he tells Zane that Isla is somewhere in SF in a rebel mission, he talks to Malcom to let him go there and check on her, another done deal. Only that things don’t go silent and the Government’s people are droping bombs on them on their first night there, and therefore this leads both to panic – wanting to help – tragedies.

Part 3 – Cal

When Ari comes back to Saoirse, she unloads the secrets she’s been so afraid of telling him that they fall apart once again. Will he be able to forgive and forget what Ari had just confessed or will they break up for good ?

The last part of the book is the most intense of all and that is because of the load of action that it carries. From the unexpected reunions, to baby and wedding news, to kicking some ass and last but not least the biggest of all : Ariana’s great talent that WOWs everyone. The whole Part 4 will be keeping you on the very edge.

I have to admit though, that by the end of the book, I kind of started to hate it for I have thought that he’ll die.


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  1. Thanks for the fab review Cristina. I’m so happy you enjoyed the series.


    • With ♥ and the utmost admiration ! Enjoyed is kind of an understatement for me ! I LOVED IT – works best ! But I have to admit that you almost gave me a small heart attack by the end of the book. 🙂


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