Book Review : Beyond Reach (True Calling #2) by Siobhan Davis

Beyond Reach (True Calling Book 2)Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
~Digital copy kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.~

Gripping, Exciting and Intense

Beyond Reach is the sequel of the True Calling and it picks up right from where the first book has eneded. The book is packed with a lot of action, new secrets are being revealed, a lot of twists and turns and the pages are filled with pure excitement. The writing style makes it even easier to get lost in the book and live alongside the characters.

While True Calling makes the intorductions with the new world humans were moved to due to a catastrophy – Novo – and also we meet the characters and the struggles which they have to face in their new home; Beyond Reach is bound to keep us on high alert with each page and ask ourselves who’s trustworthy and who isn’t.

Part 1 begins with Ariana who learns that things on Earth are as bad as they were on Novo. While she’s being held into the Clementia’s undrground facility in Connecticut for protection, she constantly refuses to giveaway the stolen information her father entrusted her with,they even tell her that Cal was simply playing on for the both sides – she refuses to believe that. She feels betrayed by the fact that they didn’t bring her mother and sister along too, and they refuse to do so. She decides to enrole on the pilot exam with the thought of getting her family back. Now that the Novo government has put a price on her capture, she’s bound to be even more careful than ever before. She comes up with a plan of rescuing her loved ones that couldn’t make it with her on Earth on the first mission and coopts Zane – who tends to agree with her little crazy plan, and proposes other people like Mel and Ben. The only problem with the plan is how they’ll get in and out of the Novo penitantiary without being caught. In meantime, she receives a message from the Novo President Calavero, a message that’s making her to jump right into the hands of the Rangers, without thinking the idea further.

I recall having no problems with Isla in the first book, but now I’m really starting to hate her,her behaviour, the way she treats Ariana – when she should basically mind her own damn business – and even more so, how can she call – at least not out loud, but it’s obvious – Zane her „propperty”. I mean, he doesn’t even look at her that way, and she’s clearly having some problems with mixing up signals.
I like Ariana a lot, her way of getting through bad situations – except the bad decision making – seems to always be light, she treats it like it’s nothing. She’s a really tough girl who can defend herself at times and she showed it quite a lot in the last few chapters. But despite her good qualities, she’s extremely stubborn at times and not just once did her stubberness get her into trouble. Harming Ariana, brings nothing good for Isla, just right the opposite of it. Being unable to take any more of the constant girl fighting, Zane has decided to end his friendship with her, but this doesn’t help with anything because Isla’s hate toward Ariana proves to get even bigger by the day.
With each passing day, Zane and Ari are getting closer and closer – again – only that, now, out of nowhere or maybe not, Cal is there too, now, and her feelings and thoughts start to confuse her all the more. She doesn’t know which boy to pick and regardless of her choice, one of them will end up hurt.

Apparently, the Novo government decided to send Cal on Earth – in a new form, of course – to retrieve Ariana and bring her along with the stolen information that everyone craves so much. Now, the one who does not remember anything is him, and it breaks Ariana’s heart into a million pieces. While, he’s being kept under strict surveillance and allowed only to short visits, Ariana manages to tell him a big news, which will change everything.

PART 2 is about Zane Ariana’s long “lost” – if I can call it that – first love, who promised both,her dad and himself to bring them safely back to Earth and keep them safe. Even with all the years they’ve been apart, he still loves her and never fails to show her. What she doesn’t know is that, the day she went to visit Cal in his hospital room to comfort him; he was there all along and heard her confession to Cal.

Recently, things turn out hasty down at the compound as Chanchelor Corr and Kloon are trying their hardest, to get their hands on the vial information and furthermore they decide to place Cal under arrest no matter his health condition. A lot of blackmailing starts to go on, and there seems to be more to Corr and Kloon than we were lead to believe and they’re slowly coming to the surface as Zane digs deeper and deeper. It’s just only a matter of time until Ariana finds out that he’d received Cal’s medical records back from Novo and their little closeness will get shattered once again into a million pieces. Once Ariana decides to shut him out, during one mental snooping, he decides to open up his info gear and sees an email from someone who was presumed to be dead, by everyone.

Part 3 She learns to develop her extrasensorial gift even more with Raina’s help – the Clementia’s psychic – through a lot of exercise and manages to save Cal from the torture Agent Dale puts him through while imprisoned, this time along with her and Zane. She starts having dreams of her mom and what’s going on back on Novo. While she and Cal are out spying on Corr and Kloon, they get stuck for a moment in the hangar where they were hiding in, but soon find a way out through a hatch in the Chanchelor’s bedroom. The moment Cal slides down the hatch he takes a big fall and hurts his head, which leads to his memory recover.

She manages to break through Zanes barrier and once she gets through it, she sees him and her dad talking. After that short brief mind-encounter, she decides that it’s time for some proper explanations, towards, Cals own actions – betrayal, if that’s the case. While, in the woods, he confides her in the smallest detail possible and chooses the right words to do so. The questions that follow are : Is Ariana, going to be able to forgive and forget his actions, and move on as couple ? Or will she end up things with him and go into the arms of Zane, even though the reasoning behind Cal’s decisions and actions, were intended to protect her ?!
As their planned escape has gone swell, there’s still a hint of something not quite in place. Will they make it to the Florida compound safe or will they be shot down by Clementia ?!

The ending is pretty explosive and leaves you yearning for more, wondering if they’ll manage to survive the Clementia’s attack or not.


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