Top 7 Haunted Places in Bucharest

A city without ghosts is not entirely a city !

If you love the paranormal stuff and if you are in for an adventure then this is for you. Just like any other country in the world, Romania’s capital, Bucharest has its own fair share of myths and lengends about haunted buildings. I’ve heard them all but I never had the time to explore them. Here’s a list of the most known to be haunted buildings in and around Bucharest. Note that these aren’t the single ones,there are far more places that have a haunted legend behind them.

1. Palace of the Parliament

The building has a surface of 330,000 hectares, following after World Records Academy, at the “buildings”, 2nd place in the world after the Pentagon, and in terms of volume, with 2,550,000 m³ of his , 3rd in the world after the missile assembly building space from Cape Canaveral in Florida after the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. For comparison it can be mentioned that the building exceeds 2% volume Cheops pyramid in Egypt, and therefore some sources characterized it as a “pharaonic”  building. The guards say that they hear noises there,though no one is inside. 

2. The Cișmigiu Hotel (Hotelul Cișmigiu)

Hotel Cişmigiu, originally called Palace Hotel is a building built in 1912, situated on Queen Elizabeth Avenue in Bucharest, at intersection with Ion Brezoianu. The architect of the building was Arghir Culina and resistance structure was designed by engineer Nicholas Nacu Pissiota. The hotel had 200 rooms and is considered second-class hotel, with rooms with four beds. Pissiota family has owned the hotel until 1948, when it was nationalized by the communist regime. On this occasion, was renamed Hotel Cişmigiu name deriving from Cişmigiu Park, located nearby. During the communist period, the hotel has been neglected by the authorities, gradually decay. 

After 1990, the building was converted into a hostel for students of the Academy of Theatre and Film. During this time a young Bessarabian student has died falling from the second floor in the elevator. Great actor Cristian Iacob inspired to write a few lines about the building with students living sinister aspect, lyrics that were sung by the band then Vama Veche, the melody of the song Hotel California Eagles band. In 1995, the building was closed, the interior is in an advanced state of deterioration. In 2005, the Spanish company bought Hercesa Cişmigiu hotel, with the intent to restore it and turn it into a luxury apart-hotel is a four star hotel with 67 apartments of which 7 duplex apartments, located on the top floor. By mid-2009, work had not yet commenced, but were started in late 2009. After a long renovation, the hotel Cişmigiu was reopened in 2012 and is classified 4 stars.

It is said that the hotel would be haunted by the ghost of that student, who around 1990, had accidentally fallen into the elevator shaft and died after 3 hours of agony. There are stories that the screams are heard in the elevator shaft.

3. The Fire Tower (Foișorul De Foc)

Bucuresti, Romania, Foisorul de Foc, Bd. Ferdinand nr. 33, sect. 2.JPG

The Fire Tower is a 42 meter high building located between Obor Bucharest, Calea Nerva, Trajan Moşilor and, more precisely: at the corner of King Ferdinand with Traian Boulevard, near the old-church cattle market (the monument occupies the center of the squares bears his name and towards which converge other arteries, respectively Vasile Stroescu streets, Iancu, knight Flondor, Ten Tables and Popp Băseşti). In the past served as an observation tower for fire protection. It was built in 1890, two years after the previous tower, tower corner up in 1715, was demolished. Plans were made by George pride, at that time chief architect of Bucharest.

The Fire Tower was thought to have the role of water tower. After completion, however, the local water company – Plant Water pumps Grozăveşti – not was strong enough to fill it with water. Fire Tower was used by firefighters until 1935, when he lost the role, whereas in Bucharest totaled more and more tall buildings and placing phone obviates the existence of a watchtower. Since 1963, has been transformed into a Museum of Firemen. The building is now a historical monument.

There are many different variations on paranormal phenomena here: according to some; each 9th day, at 23:30, lights illuminate. Other ghost legends speak of a wife of a firefighter who died there.

4. Chiajna Monastery (Mănăstirea Chiajna) Mănăstirea Chiajna - Giulești.jpg

Chiajna Monastery is a monument located at the edge of Bucharest, limit Giuleşti-Serbs neighborhood near a landfill, and it’s the subject of many urban legends and myths. It is classified in the List of Historical Monuments 2010. Chiajna Monastery Construction began during the reign of Alexander Ypsilantis (1774-1782) and was completed during Phanariot Mr. Nicholas Mavrogheni (1786-1790). It was built in neoclassical style, with large for its time: 43 meters long and 17 high, thick walls 1 and 2 meters. It was to be one of the most important Romanian churches of the time, but that did not happen. Legend has it that the church would be cursed. Priests have never served in it, being bombed by the Turks even before the consecration.

They believed that there would be more of a city, and therefore tried to destroy it. Thus, all the documents they burned completely. However, the construction of still standing. Only at the earthquake in 1977, the tower collapsed.


The Bell

According to locals bell was cast into the waters of Dâmboviţa or had been stolen. Some of the sound recordings were released, but were never taken seriously.

The mysterious face

On one of the walls, from under the flush, a mysterious face appeared. A face that resembles either a lady or an angel, or even the Romanian Sphinx.

5.The Summer Theater in The Bazilescu Park

The park once bore the the name of Balcescu and is located in the Northwest neighborhood of the capital Bucurestii Noi area. From an area of 120 hectares as was the inauguration, now it came to have only 13 hectares. Inside the park was built a Summer Theater that currently, for less known reasons,is lying derelict.
Although the place is abandoned paranormal enthusiasts claim that at night would hear sounds shrill building columns and dry cough of a man who would make goose bumps up and those with nerves of steel. The internet rumor that the theater would be haunted by the ghost of the Bazilescu lawyer himself, who donated the land on which the park was built.

Currently there is a page dedicated to this place and is seeking people interested in an expedition to this place to find evidence of these rumors.

6.The Central School 

The Central School, founded in 1851, has functioned over time by many names, including the Royal Pensionat for Girls. Initially, the institution was dedicated to education, often soldierly, young elite belonging Bucharest. They say they were locked in the building and had to endure the severity teachers. Hence the majority of reports about strange events, legends and some personal experiences that have filled the Internet over time.

Stories are hallucinating: doors that open and close by themselves, strange smells, strange noises, cold spots and levitation of objects. One of the stories refer to boarding institution which is said to be haunted him as: “It was night and I heard someone force the door. Believing he’s a thief I walked toward the door but I saw nothing unusual. When to go back to bed corner of my eye I saw a shadow … “reads one of the stories. It is also said that the Central School is full of secret rooms and enclosures built like disused door in a hurry.
Nothing is safe from basement macabre speculation. Beyond the strange sounds that could be heard from under the building basement would say that actually the end of a tunnel.

7.The Witches Pond 

The pond,of a few dozen square meters, is located somewhere in Boldu-Creteasca Forest in northeastern capital to Ştefăneşti exit. The stories seem strange about this place beginning in the fifteenth century, because there is said to have died decapitated Vlad Tepes, betrayed by the boyars in the Romanian Country. Over time the strange stories were held chain and many of them are amazing. It is said that after the 1977 earthquake rubble dump more were downloaded in the marsh, with a view to a stop. Within weeks leftover concrete and brick buildings were swallowed earthquake seasoned water no longer being found anything.

Moreover, the elders by the site often talk that pregnant women who did not want the baby came to the pond, bathed, and get rid of pregnancy. Even animals should be scared of this place: there would be no lock or any creature that live in the marsh and the animals do not drink water there. Beyond speculation and legends, on the pond’s shore, witches in the capital but also in surrounding villages gather every year Midsummer, on St. George and St. Andrew to practice their magic rituals. They say that generations have drawn strength from this pool, representing virtually an initiation into the occult arts.


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